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Getting Started with MS Excel 2013 : Lesson 1

Introduction (Video duration 10:27)

Welcome to our free training on Excel 2013.

This free Excel training is intended for those with no previous experience of working with spreadsheets, or with no experience of Microsoft Excel. It should also be helpful to those with experience of older versions of Excel, and particularly those who have only used PC versions older than Excel 2007, which was the version in which the ribbon interface was introduced.

All of the training is on a PC and uses the Windows version of Excel. We do not currently provide training for Apple Macs or that uses Apple Mac versions of software products.

This course covers the Excel 2013 desktop application and NOT the Excel web app.

Although the activities in the course are mainly carried out using mouse and keyboard, the use of touch devices is also covered.

In the first video we outline some of the key features of our training on MS Excel 2013.

We also look at the requirements to run Excel 2013.

Links and downloads

For more information about Excel 2013, please see this information from Microsoft.

PLEASE NOTE that external links open in a new browser window.

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