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Getting Started with MS Excel 2013 : Lesson 2

Acquiring MS Excel 2013 (Video duration 6:22)

If you already have a copy of Excel 2013 installed, then you probably don't need to watch this video!

In this video we look at how to acquire Excel 2013, either separately or as part of Office 2013 or certain Office 365 subscriptions.

You can usually buy Excel 2013 from an online store or your local computer store, either as a single product or as part of Office 2013.

There are several versions of Office 2013.

We also look at the option of using a trial version of Excel 2013. A trial version of Excel 2013 is often available from Microsoft as part of a free trial version of Office 2013. Note that trial versions are usually time limited.

The instructions to install Excel 2013, or instructions on how to access the instructions, should be included with your purchased or trial version. This lesson does not include installation instructions.

From the beginning of the next lesson onwards in our course we assume that you have Excel 2013 installed and working on your device.

Links and downloads

For more information about Excel 2013, please see this information from Microsoft.

PLEASE NOTE that external links open in a new browser window.

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