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Getting Started with MS Excel 2013 : Lesson 4

The Excel Workspace (Video duration 16:17)

In this video we take a tour of the Excel 2013 workspace.

We introduce you to Excel 2013 Backstage View, and look at the Ribbon and the Quick Access Toolbar.

We show you how to close a workbook without closing Excel 2013.

There's a review of the standard buttons to control window size, and you're shown how to access Excel 2013 Help.

The video then covers the Excel Ribbon in a little more detail, and explains the functions of tabs and groups.

We introduce you to the Name Box and the Formula Bar.

Rows, columns and cells are explained and you're shown how to move around a worksheet using scroll bars.

The Status Bar is discussed, and you're introduced to view controls such as the Zoom Slider.

We look again at the Excel 2013 QAT (Quick Access Toolbar), and at some basic ways in which the workspace can be adapted to your specific requirements, including options for hiding the Excel 2013 Ribbon.

Links and downloads

For more information about Excel 2013, please see this information from Microsoft.

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