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Getting Started with MS Excel 2013 : Lesson 5

Basic Workbook Management (Video duration 13:35)

In this video we look at how to create a new blank Excel 2013 workbook, enter some data, save it and close it.

We introduce you to the basic idea of Excel templates, and point out some useful links to a welcome tour of Excel 2013 and some Microsoft video tutorials.

We enter some data into a worksheet by typing into a cell or the Formula Bar.

Having entered some data, we save a workbook in a location and with a name of our choosing. The workbook has the current default format, but we also introduce the list of other file formats that can be saved from Excel 2013.

We then make further changes to the workbook, save the changes and close the Excel 2013 workbook.

Finally, we look at some useful Excel keyboard shortcuts.

Links and downloads

For more information about Excel 2013, please see this information from Microsoft.

PLEASE NOTE that external links open in a new browser window.

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