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PRINCE2® (2009) Practitioner Quiz

The questions here relate to the scenario below.

Please read the scenario carefully before attempting the questions. If you need to refer back to the scenario, it will be available on each page towards the bottom of the page. Click to expand or collpase.

Where the question has additional information, that will also be provided on the relevant page, above the scenario.

Don't forget that you can use the official manual to help you but no other sources.


SCENARIO (click to show/hide)


One of the country's leading supermarket chains Asbury's has taken over all of the stores that formed part of the smaller Greenday chain. The systems that are used by the two chains for human resource (HR) management are different, and all Greenday branches are going to have to migrate to the system used by Asbury's so that Asbury's can provide centralised HR administration. This needs to be done within 8 months of the start of the project.

The existing Greenday branches have each held their HR data in local systems, submitting summary data as required to a central Greenday system on a monthly basis. When they adopt the central Asbury's HR system they will administer their HR data using that system. Before each branch starts to use the central HR system there will need to be a cleanup of local data to make sure that the data is compatible with the Asbury's system.

In addition, each branch will need to have its HR data converted to the required format before it is migrated to the central Asbury's HR sytem. Rather than have each branch arrange this data migration, the Head of Asbury's IT has decided to contract one computer services company to perform the migration for all of the branches. This means that the computer services company will need to be able to handle data from all of the existing Greenday branch HR systems. The contract to perform the data migration for all Greenday branches will be put out to tender. The successful bidder will need to work to a tight schedule and a fixed price.

At each Greenday branch at least two members of staff will need to be trained in the use of the central Asbury's HR system. Trained members of staff will also be responsible for ensuring that the data migrated from the local Greenday systems is complete and accurate after the migration and before it is used in the Asbury's HR system. The cost of this checking post-migration is not included in the project costs.

If the migration of the data from any Greenday branch system is not successful within 6 months of the project start date, the HR data for that branch will need to be manually entered into the Asbury's HR system. This will incur an additional cost of £2,000 per branch on average.

The Project Manager for this project is David Pascal. David has several years of experience in the retail sector.